A shade of Grey

During my growing years I used to enjoy one thing the most, debating. Any issue whether it would be cricket, F1, politics, I would always love talking to people with a different opinion & weigh the argument on whose view had more substance. Sometimes I would win & there were times when my views were […]

We are Sense8

Recently I watched the Netflix original Sense8. The basic premise of the show revolves around eight characters that are literally strangers to each other but can connect to each other’s feelings, be there in the hour of need of one another. Basically the eight characters who are complete strangers can sense and be there for […]


The beauty of a sport is it becomes a part of your life, your identity. It defines who you are. For me she is my life my first wife. We all have our stories, our moments, Today I felt sharing my journey with a beautiful sport Cricket. Early years: I vividly remember my early cricket […]


Everybody is a Tiger in the WOODS; Character is what you are in the DARK…..   I am a man/woman of today who wants to change the world, be a visionary but I cannot even do the simplest things to make the lives of my loved ones better. I am someone who portrays him/herself as […]

SRT- The Festival!

Originally posted on criccrazyniks:
Sachin, Sachin! *Clap Clap Clap* The above lines have been the most cheered ones in the last few decades by almost every Indian cricket follower. For nothing seemed to bring everyone close as much as an Sachin Tendulkar inning would. It brought the quarrelling pair of Boss and employee together in cafeterias, it…


I don’t know where to start coz since the day I heard the announcement of Sachin retiring I have been numb, revisiting every moment of his career, moments of joy, pain, moments making me want to believe. Every time he went to bat, my heart skipped a beat. Every innings he played I prayed that […]